High performance Multimedia 32bit Quad core Application Processor

NXP3220: 32bit Dual-Core, High Performance, Full-HD Multimedia Video decoder, ARM® Cortex®-A7 Core



NXP3220 is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on the 32-bit RISC processor for Smart devices, Designed with the 28 nm low power process, features of NXP3220 includes :

•  Cortex-A7 Dual core CPU

•  Highest memory bandwidth

•  Full HD display •  1080p 60 frame video decoding hardware

•  High-speed interfaces such as eMMC4.5 and USB 2.0 


NXP3220 uses the Cortex-A7 Dual-cores, which are based on the ARMv7-A architecture and deliver more single thread performance than the Cortex-A5 and incorporates all features of the high-performance Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A17 processors, including virtualization support in hardware, Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE), NEON, and 128-bit AMBA 4 AXI bus interface. It provides 5 GB/s memory bandwidth for heavy traffic operations such as 1080p video decoding, high resolution image signal processing with Full HD display.


NXP3220 Block diagram




• 28 nm, HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) Process Technology

• Cortex-A7 Dual-Core CPU @ >1.0 GHz


System Controller

• Supports 5 x 32-ch DMAs (2 x DMA, 2 x Secure-DMA, 1 x MDMA)

• Supports various Power Mode (Normal, Idle, Standby, Deep-standby)

• Supports various boot modes including SPI Flash/EEPROM, Nand-Flash, SD (eMMC), USB and UART


Memory/Storage Controller

• 16bit DDR3, DDR4 up to 1250 MHz

• Supports various memory

• Supports MLC/SLC NAND Flash with Hardwired ECC algorithm (4/8/12/16/24/40/60-bit)

• Supports 3-ch SD/MMC


FHD Multi-format video codec

• Full-HD Multi Format Video Decoder


Display Controller & Video Post-processor

• Supports Display up to 1920X1080

• Supports 1-ch LVDS Interface

• Supports 24bit RGB Interface


Video Input Processor

• Supports 1-ch ITUR.BT 656/601 Parallel Video Interface



• Supports 2-ch Controller Area Network V3.2.1.2

• Supports 10/100M-bit Ethernet MAC (RMII I/F)

• Supports 10/100/1000M-bit Ethernet MAC (RGMII I/F)

• Supports 2-ch USB 2.0 Host, 1-ch USB 2.0 OTG



• 7-ch UARTs, 4-ch Timer, Interrupt Controller, RTC

• Supports 4-ch I2S, 5-ch I2C, 3-ch SPI, 4-ch PWM, and GPIOs

• Supports 8-ch 12-bit ADC (with supports resistive touch panel)

• Supports SPDIF • Supports 4-ch RS485

• Supports 4-ch PDM data



• Supports Security functions (AES, DES/TDES, SHA-1, MD5, PRNG and TRNG) and Secure JTAG

• Supports ARM Trust Zone technology



• 13mm x 13mm body size, 0.65mm ball pitch