PMIC optimized for High-performance Smart devices requires Quad to Octa core AP

NXE2000: 5 DC/DC, 12 LDO, Li-Ion Battery Charger, Fuel Gauge and USB Charger

NXE2000 is the power management IC for GPS-PND/MID and Smart devices.
It integrates five high-efficiency step-down DCDC converters, twelve low dropout regulators, power control logic, Li-ion Battery Charger, I2C Bus interface, voltage detections, thermal shut-down and etc.

NXE2000 Block diagram

•  I2C Bus Interface @ 3.4Mhz and 400Khz
•  Detector Function (System/IO/Battery-Voltage-detector, UVLO)
•  Thermal Shutdown Function
•  Watchdog timer
•  Power on key input for System's power up, Power on reset output for CPU

High Efficiency Step-down DC/DC Converters
•  5 Channels
•  DCDC1/2/3 Max 4000mA
•  DCDC4/5 Max 2000mA

Low Drop Voltage Regulators
•  LDO1-4 with ECO, Max 300mA
•  LDO5-6 with ECO, Max 300mA
•  LDO7-10, Max 200mA
•  LDORTC1, Max 10mA
•  LDORTC2, Max 10mA
•  Over current protection and Short circuit protection

Li-ion Battery Charger
•  Supports AC adapter charging and USB charging in an individual port.
•  With the current limit protection and charge current control.
•  The system can power on even when Li-ion Battery is low voltage or open.
•  Rapid timer and Trickle timer.
•  Power-path control.
•  Over temperature protection

Fuel Gauge
•  2-bit resolution.
•  1 second integration.

•  12-bit resolution A/D converter
•  5ch GPIOs
•  Real-Time Clock (RTC)
•  Interrupt Controller]

Package : CSP0608-80(0.65mm pitch)