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CoAsia Nexell attracts 9.5 billion won investment... SoC Workforce Expansion

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[Digital Daily Reporter Kim Dohyun] CoAsia Nexell has attracted new investment. The secured funds are intended to be used for purposes such as talent acquisition.


On the 3rd, CoAsia Nexell announced that it has received an investment of 9.5 billion won (approximately $7.9 million) from the specialized venture capital (VC) NBH Capital and Cosnet Technology Investment. This brings the total secured funding to 13.4 billion won (approximately $11.2 million) since July of last year.


CoAsia Nexell specializes in RTL (Register Transfer Level) design. RTL is the initial stage of semiconductor design, involving the transformation of chip designs into semiconductor circuit design language to meet customer specifications.


This investment is reported to be based on CoAsia Nexell's specialized references for vehicle-use semiconductors and its revenue growth potential. CoAsia Nexell is also a partner of Samsung Electronics Exynos.


A CoAsia Nexell representative stated, "We plan to utilize this funding for purposes such as expanding our workforce to meet the demand for custom System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions from complete vehicle manufacturers," adding, "We have conducted this substantial but minimum capital investment fundraising in preparation for a future Initial Public Offering (IPO)."