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CoAsia Holds Event for Samsung Electronics Foundry DSP Certification Signboar

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CoAsia Group announced on the 28th that they held a signboard ceremony for being certified as a Samsung Electronics Foundry Design Solution Partner (DSP). The event took place at the CoAsia headquarters in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and was attended by Lee Hee-joon, Chairman of CoAsia Group, Kim Kyung-ho, CEO of CoAsia SEMI, and Kang Tae-won, CEO of CoAsia Nexell. This event was organized to commemorate the official selection of Samsung Electronics Foundry DSP and to strengthen the internal cohesion of ongoing projects. CoAsia is highly regarded as a dedicated DSP for Samsung Electronics Foundry, equipped with its own technology and business capabilities. They plan to focus on external expansion, including increasing their workforce from the current 125 employees to around 210 this year.

A company official stated, "We are currently catering to top-tier customers with a combination of global A-level talent who have practical experience in fine processes and the technological synergy of CoAsia Nexell," and added, "We aim to simultaneously expand into the North American market and the Pan-Asia region, becoming a key DSP that expands both Samsung Electronics Foundry and the global market."

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