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Type of talent

Talents to Grow With

Type of talent.

CoAsia Nexell is looking for this Personnel

CoAsia Nexell is looking for competent talents to grow with. We support a variety of training programs in order to foster next-generation leaders, professionals and global talents.

Type talent

Creative and Passionate

CoAsia Nexell is looking for the passionate talents who can perform their best ability with creative idea.

Enjoying Changes and Challenge

CoAsia Nexell is looking for the people who do not afraid of new challenges and enjoy them.

Open-mind for Communication and Cooperation

CoAsia Nexell is looking for the people who actively communicate with others with the diversity from community spirit.

CoAsia Nexell supports a variety of training program for its executives and staff to develop their potential ability in order to foster next generation leaders, professionals, global talents.

Talent Training.

Leadership Enhancement

You can grow to next-generation CoAsia Nexell’s leader through various training programs such as introductory training for new employees, common competency training for each position, and promotion training.

Subject-matter expert

Job training is conducted through the analysis on the needs for human resources for core personnel training per sectors. The opportunity for the exchange between the affiliates in CoAsia Group to improve problem-solving ability.

Global Talent

Various foreign language education is provided for global talent training. You can be the regional expert by picking up local language, experiencing local culture from circular secondments at overseas offices.