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"CoAsia Electric Surpasses 300 Global Clients... Expanding Turnkey Projects"

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"CoAsia Electronics Operates 11 Branches Across 7 Countries, Surpasses 300 Global Clients - Strengthening Infrastructure and Network Competitiveness"


[Seoul=NewsPim] By Reporter Bae Yohan = CoAsia Group is accelerating its turnkey project orders in the system semiconductor field. While establishing a global infrastructure network, the group plans to actively target the system semiconductor market as a Design Solution Partner (DSP) with distribution authority for Samsung Electronics' semiconductors.


CoAsia holds the subsidiary CoAsia Electronics, a publicly-listed company in Taiwan. CoAsia Electronics specializes in semiconductor distribution and solutions, operating 11 branches across 7 countries, including Taiwan, the USA, China, Vietnam, Singapore, and India. It is responsible for overseas sales and distribution of Samsung Electronics' semiconductors.


According to CoAsia on the 9th, CoAsia Electronics' foundry business unit recorded sales of $161.03 million (approximately KRW 210.1 billion) last year. In the first half alone, it achieved $129.97 million (approximately KRW 169.6 billion), which corresponds to 81% of the total annual sales. The company attributes this strong performance to the growth of its foundry business unit driven by a robust customer network. As of the end of the first half, CoAsia Electronics' total sales reached $580.2 million (approximately KRW 663 billion).


CoAsia Electronics has surpassed 300 global clients. Building upon a close collaboration with Samsung Electronics, it supplies semiconductors to global customers. The company excels in its role as a central communication channel between Samsung Electronics and its clients, possessing a high understanding of transaction characteristics and business environments by country.


Leveraging the business competitiveness and strengths secured through CoAsia Electronics, CoAsia plans to expand its global turnkey projects. Particularly, with the recent large-scale project related to vehicle-use semiconductors, the company anticipates that full turnkey projects will follow suit.


A company official stated, "CoAsia Electronics is well-regarded for its stable supply chain management, delivering products that meet customer demands on time and garnering high trust." They added, "We will continue to increase our market share by providing differentiated, customer-tailored solutions."


Furthermore, the official emphasized, "We will maximize synergies within the group and consistently seek collaborations with global corporations in the system semiconductor business."


Meanwhile, in July 2015, CoAsia acquired a 20.25% stake in CoAsia Electronics for KRW 164 billion.

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