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CoAsia Secures Turnkey Project for 'Automotive Semiconductor Development

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등록 2022-08-01 오전 10:21:37

수정 2022-08-01 오전 10:21:37


[edaily Kim Eungtae Reporter] CoAsia (045970), a specialized company in system semiconductor design solutions, announced on the 1st that it has secured a turnkey project for the development of automotive processors (Automotive Processor SoC) for the next-generation in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI).


CoAsia will participate in all aspects of chip design in the project. The final customer of the project, including autonomous driving technology development, is a global top 3 automaker based on market capitalization. The contract size and the counterparty were not disclosed due to confidentiality clauses.


Through this project, CoAsia has demonstrated its ability in the design and software development of automotive application processors (Automotive AP). According to CoAsia, the references for 5nm and 8nm projects targeting global future car companies and security companies, along with its internal engineering capabilities, have led to this successful contract.


CoAsia aims to commence the project this month with the goal of mass producing 5nm process technology by 2025. It plans to secure the latest requirements of customers, including vehicle architecture (hardware structure), technical stability, security design experience, and autonomous driving SoC core technology. In addition to developing autonomous driving SoCs and IVI, it also plans to establish a system semiconductor reference platform service for chip scalability and prepare for 3nm advanced development.


A CoAsia representative stated, "This contract will be an important foundation for securing full turnkey project orders" and continued, "We expect continuous achievements in the field of automotive SoCs." Furthermore, they added, "This project corresponds to the customer's 'Future Strategy Season 1,' and we anticipate that it will continue into subsequent seasons depending on the customer's vehicle segment and development concept."